Building Personal Resilience Programme


A science-based system that increases self-awareness while building and sustaining resilience, designed to help bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment.

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Is stress killing you?

Warning signs

  • Loss of mental clarity, more prone to distraction and mistakes
  • Feeling separate, edgy and shut off from others
  • Diminishing capacity to relax and sleep
  • Eroding of self confidence
  • Feeling tired has become your new operational norm
  • Struggle to motivate yourself and others
  • Increased anxiety, insecurity and loss of control
  • Blaming yourself and others
  • Overwhelmed and irritable
  • Unexplained digestive problems, aches and pains

Stress causes thousands of biochemical reactions in the body including raising of levels of the hormone cortisol, increasing our heart rate and flooding our body with adrenaline. This is a good thing when faced with a life-threatening situation such as a ferocious tiger on your path!

The problem is we are not designed to constantly run on the high stress levels that modern life subjects us to. And our brains when faced with stress cannot tell the difference between the ferocious tiger and your boss demanding that report by 5 pm! To our brains its all the same – chemical producing STRESS!

Over time this stress can lead to a range of serious and potentially life-threatening health issues, including

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Impaired memory function
  • Decreased bone density
  • Impaired immune function
  • Accelerated ageing
  • Inflammation
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Brain cell death
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Increased fat around the waist and hips
  • Reduced skin growth and regeneration

The solution? Build and sustain Your Resilience

It is unlikely that you are able to remove the majority of stressors in your life without a serious change of lifestyle – become a meditating hermit in a cave for example – a cave free from tigers and the boss! For most of us this is just not an option. So, what can we do?

We can build and sustain our resilience – resilience is our capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.

The HeartMath system is easy to learn

The good news is that the HeartMath system is easy to learn. With our 4 week coaching package, we will provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to build and sustain your personal resilience using HeartMath.

Each week you will have an hour one on one online coaching call (via zoom) with your personal coach, Linda. Using the provided workbook, Linda will support you in identifying your personal goals and challenges while developing your resilience skills using the HeartMath system.

Using bio feedback from the provided Inner Balance device and App we will monitor your progress, ensuring that you have acquired the necessary skills to get the maximum benefit from using HeartMath. Once you have completed the coaching, the device and App will help you to keep on track with your resilience goals.

You will learn

  • Scientifically proven tools and techniques for building and sustaining your resilience
  • How to sustain optimal performance in a world of chaos, complexity, confusion and challenge through intelligent energy management
  • Prevention and intervention strategies for improved emotional health
  • The difference between healthy pressure and unhealthy stress
  • How your emotions influence your physiology and how to gain greater self-regulation
  • Techniques for bringing you into coherence immediately
  • How to use the intelligence of your heart to sustain wellbeing, better decision making, greater creativity and increased emotional intelligence
  • To access higher levels of mental function, enhanced clarity and increased discernment

Your HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience program includes:

  • Four times one-hour personal one to one online coaching with a Certified HeartMath® Coach*
  • Building Personal Resilience Guide book
  • Inner Balance Bluetooth device and App to provide real-time bio feedback on your progress and keep you motivated (retail value £159).

Your total investment £539

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HeartMath® Testimonials

“I completed the 4 week individual executive telephone coaching session and found it to be an effective tool for me to deal with stress and to increase my productivity, clarity of thinking, intuitive listening and energy. I see HeartMath as a management tool to help boost employee performance, creativity, and health resulting in greater productivity, reduced absenteeism and better attitudes. What better time than now?”

Fortune 500 Vice President,
Environment, Health and Safety

” …a gift to every individual and organization striving to make a difference, not just a living, in today’s pressure-filled society…HeartMath advances the future by putting inner leadership at the forefront, where it should be.”

Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D.,
author of Executive EQ

” The background physiology and the science underpinning [HeartMath] are absolutely sound, which is why we went ahead with pilot studies at Shell. Seeing a self-induced change in their own heart rhythms impressed the company’s otherwise skeptical engineers.”

Dr. Graham Bridgewood,
Chief Medical Officer,
Shell International

Case Study

Chris, a 45-year-old business executive, had a family history of heart disease, and was feeling extremely stressed, fatigued, and generally in poor emotional health. A 24-hour heart rate variability analysisii revealed abnormally depressed activity in both branches of his autonomic nervous system, suggesting autonomic exhaustion ensuing from maladaptation to high stress levels. His heart rate variability was far lower then would be expected for his age, and was below the clinical cut-off level for significantly increased risk of sudden cardiac death. In addition, Chris’s average heart rate was abnormally high at 102 beats per minute, and his heart rate did not drop at night as it should.

Upon reviewing these results, his physician concluded that it was imperative that Chris take measures to reduce his stress. He recommended that Chris begin practicing a system of emotional restructuring techniques that had been developed by the Institute of HeartMath. These positive emotion-focused techniques help individuals learn to self-generate and sustain a beneficial functional mode known as psychophysiological coherence, characterized by increased emotional stability and by increased synchronization and harmony in the functioning of physiological systems.

Concerned about his deteriorating health, Chris complied with his physician’s recommendation. Each morning during his daily train commute to work, he practiced the Heart Lock-In technique, and he would use the Freeze-Frame technique in situations when he felt his stress levels rise.iii

At first Chris was not aware of the transformation that was occurring. His wife was the first to notice the change and to remark about how differently he was

behaving and how much better he looked. Then his co-workers, staff, and other friends began to comment on how much less stressed he appeared in responding to situations at work and how much more poise and emotional balance he had. A second autonomic nervous system assessment, performed six weeks after the initial one, showed that Chris’s average heart rate had decreased to 85 beats per minute and it now lowered at night, as it should. Significant increases were also apparent in his heart rate variability, which had more than doubled! These results surprised Chris’s physician, as 24-hour heart rate variability is typically very stable from week to week, and it is generally quite difficult to recover from autonomic nervous system depletion, usually requiring much longer than six weeks.

In reflecting on his experience, Chris started to see how profoundly his health and his life had been transformed. He was getting along with his family, colleagues, and staff better than he could remember ever having enjoyed before, and he felt much more clearheaded and in command of his life. His life seemed more harmonious, and the difficulties that came up at work and in his personal relationships no longer created the same level of distress; he now found himself able to approach them more smoothly and proactively, and often with a broadened perspective.

The true story of Chris’s transformation is not an isolated example, but rather is only one of many similar case histories that people like Chris have shared with HeartMath, illustrating the amazing transformations that can occur when one learns how to increase psychophysiological coherence.

ii The analysis of heart rate variability (HRV ), a measure of the naturally occurring beat-to-beat changes in heart rate, provides an indicator of neurocardiac fitness and autonomic nervous system function. Abnormally low 24-hour HRV is predictive of increased risk of heart disease and premature mortality. HRV is also highly reflective of stress and emotions.

iii The Heart Lock-In tool is an emotional restructuring technique, generally practiced for 5 to 15 minutes, that helps build the capacity to sustain the psychophysiological coherence mode for extended periods of time. The Freeze-Frame technique is a one-minute positive emotion refocusing exercise used in the moment that stress is experienced to change perception and modify the psychophysiological stress response. For in-depth descriptions of these techniques, see Childre & Martin (1999)2 and Childre & Rozman (2005).3

i Excerpted from McCraty & Tomasino (2006),1 pp. 360-361.

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